nPrompt FAQ

Purchase & Licensing

Our payment processor accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments and depending on where you are from checks, wire transfers, purchase orders and other local payment methods.

Please note that you will receive your license only once the payment clears. So check payments or wire transfers might take longer. If you want to receive your license instantly please use credit card or PayPal.

Generally one license is required per physical user. Though talent does not count as a user. So you can have two people (one operator, one talent) make use of one license. If in doubt just contact us (but we're really not too strict about that)!
No. Apple's App Store terms and conditions prevent us from offering cross-licenses. You can not unlock the Direct Download version with a license you purchased in the App Store.

It depends. The App Store attaches the purchase to your Apple ID. So whenever you get a new Mac you just need to log in with your Apple ID and can re-download nPrompt. With the direct purchase version you will have to enter your registration information manually.

But the App Store version does not support discounted upgrade pricing and may become feature-limited due to Apple's restrictions placed on software sold through the App Store.

We suggest that casual users purchase through the App Store and professionals use our online store as direct licenses are more flexible and can be transferred between users. Our payment processor also issues valid invoices (including EU VAT ID) which are required for tax deductions.

No. The trial version is feature complete. Its only limitation is that it stops working after 30 days and you will have to purchase a license to continue using nPrompt.

Please do not buy the full version hoping that a feature you can’t find in the trial is included with the full version. It is not.

Yes. We offer an unconditional 90-day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee on all purchases from our webstore. If you purchase from our webstore you can request your money back anytime within 90 days and we'll issue a 100% refund.

Please note that this guarantee is only valid for purchases through our webstore. If you purchase via the Apple App Store you are subject to Apple's terms of service and we can not guarantee that they will refund you.

No. It’s as we say: If you don’t like nPrompt for whatever reason you can return it within 90 days of your purchase. We will instantly refund you 100% of the money you paid. No questions asked!
Simply send an email to and tell us you'd like a refund. You don't need to give us a reason for your request. Please include your order id, the email the app is registered to or the purchaser's name so we can find your entry in our database and issue the refund.

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nPrompt requires Mac OS X 10.10 or greater to run. If your Mac runs OS X 10.10 or greater you will be able to run nPrompt. There are no special hardware requirements.

nPrompt works and performs well with all Mac models: From older Mac Minis to the newest top of the line MacBook Pros. (Provided OS X 10.10 or later is installed).

Yes. nPrompt does work with look-through/half transparent mirrors.

You can individually adjust text mirroring/flipping for every screen/teleprompter window and you can flip along both the X and/or Y axis. This makes nPrompt compatible with all possible look through mirror setups.

No, you do not need any additional teleprompter hardware to start working with nPrompt. A Mac is enough to perform all tasks and work productively.
nPrompt works with all resolutions supported by macOS. The font sizes are dynamically adjusted to fit the relative text size you selected so you don't need to tweak the teleprompter for each resolution. It will just work.
nPrompt supports as many displays as are allowed by OS X/macOS. You can make use of every attached display/screen provided it is supported by the operating system.

This depends on if macOS recognizes the display as an external display or if you need special software/drivers to use the display. If macOS recognizes the display then nPrompt will work. If you're using a speciality solution (mostly found in older TV studio installations) then nPrompt will not work with your hardware.

If unsure please contact us or download the free trial version to test it yourself.

No, nPrompt is exclusive to the Mac. We're working on an iOS version though.

You can use your iPad as an external display though via the "Duet Display" display app. (Available on the iOS App Store)

Yes. As licensing is performed on a per user basis there is no limit to the number of Macs you can run and install nPrompt on.
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At least for one year from the date of your purchase. As we don't release major versions annually that means that you'll be getting free updates for significantly longer than one year.
For Mac App Store customers updates will be distributed and performed via Apple's App Store update mechanism. For customers who bought through our web shop the updates happen automatically within the app. As soon as a new version is available the app will ask you if you want to update and then perform the update.
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Connect your presentation remote to your Mac. Either via the provided USB dongle or via Bluetooth - whichever your model supports. Then make sure that 'Enable support for presentation clickers.' is checked in the nPrompt preferences panel (under Remote Control).

That's all. Your clicker should be able to control nPrompt now. Please note that the clicker will only work when the teleprompter window (not the script editor!) has keyboard focus. This is because the Power Point standard uses key-codes which would be interpreted as editing commands by the script editor.

nPrompt uses a highly optimized rendering engine to offer smooth scrolling even under high CPU utilization. Usually you shouldn't experience any stuttering at all.

An exception can occur when your Mac is under heavy work load (for example encoding a 4K video, or playing a video game). Please consider moving the workload (or the teleprompter) to a different machine or pause the processes until you're done with your work.

Please note that normal screencasting/webcasting usually doesn't cause any stuttering. This only happens in extreme edge cases.

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We offer free 24h Email support. We try to answer all questions as fast as possible but due to our geographic location (Western Europe) turnaround times may vary.
No. We're a small development studio and offering multi language phone support would be far beyond our means at the price we're selling our software at.
Once you purchase a license you are entitled to free support for as long as you hold your license.
No. As with phone support this is not feasible for us to offer. But we design our software to be as easy to use as possible so integrating nPrompt into an existing teleprompter installation shouldn't take longer than a few hours even for novice users.
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