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Teleprompter 2

Teleprompter 2 is a modern teleprompting solution for your Mac. Ideal for small teams or solo content producers. Download the free 30 day trial version to see for yourself!

Download Free Trial (requires macOS 10.10 or later)
nPrompt teleprompter for mac

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Powerful Script Editing

Teleprompter 2 features a full WYSIWYG rich text script editor with text editing capabilities you know from Apple Pages or MS Word.

Editing scripts has never been this hassle free!

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True Teleprompter Views

The teleprompter is always true to what you're seeing in the script editing window. No more fiddling with line breaks, font sizes and resolutions.

Teleprompter 2 takes care of all of it for you!

Perfect for multi display setups

Teleprompter 2 supports an unlimited number of teleprompting windows...

Full Screen Teleprompting

Teleprompter 2's teleprompter windows can take over the whole display...

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Windowed Teleprompting

... or they can act as normal macOS windows.

Flip and mirror

Mirroring and flipping built in

Teleprompter 2 is compatible with mirror systems

Teleprompter 2 comes with a built in text flipping and mirroring feature that can be independently toggled for every teleprompting window.

Now you can use a mirror hood for your camera or mount your display vertically or heads up. There's no limits to what types of setups you can build with Teleprompter 2!

Full Remote Control Support

Control Teleprompter 2 with your iPhone!

You can control any Teleprompter 2 instance from your iPhone, iPad or even from another Mac running Teleprompter 2. Our iOS app is completely free and supports WiFi and Bluetooth connections.

But there's more: You can use your Keynote/Power Point presentation remote with Teleprompter 2 too. It works out of the box. Just plug in your remote and you're ready to go!

Don't have a presentation clicker? Just use your Bluetooth keyboard. With the "custom user defined keyboard shortcuts" feature your keyboard becomes powerful remote control!

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Download the free 30 day trial now and see for yourself!

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