About nFrame

who we are, what we do

Privately owned

If you expected to find a mission statement here you're going to be disappointed. We're a small privately owned company with no shareholders or "board" to impress. The only people whose opion we care about are our customers.

Over a decade of experience

NFrame as a team has been founded back in 2007 and officially registered under its name in 2015. During the last 10 years we mainly did contract work in the Mac and iOS industry. But at some point we decided it was time to work on our own projects.

Dedicated to our customers

We don't aim to get acquired by any tech giant - we just want to make great software which people can use to do their work more efficiently. We're in for the long run.

Teleprompter 2 teleprompter for mac
Teleprompter 2 is our most popular app...